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GOLFBUDDY aim L12 Rangefinder with Slope Compensation

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GOLFBUDDY continues to innovate and improve with the aim L12 Laser Rangefinder.

The aim L12 is a well-crafted, premium laser that deserves a spot in your bag.

  • Zero Second Technology (ZST) – Our innovative ZST picks up accurate readings in 0.15 seconds once the measurement button has been clicked. 
  • Ergonomic Grip - simple and dynamic lines provide the best grip you can get on your rangefinder. 
  • Pin Finder Mode with Vibration Alert - Press and hold ‘SHOT’ Button to activate Pin Finder Mode and you will be able to get an accurate measurement with Vibration Alert.
  • Slope Mode - Press and hold ‘MODE’ Button for 5 seconds to turn Slope ON or OFF. Range from 2 to 880 yards and accurate to 1 yard of distance.
  • 6x Magnification Lens - It makes finding the targets simple with a clear yardage view, which is easy-to-read and has an extra wide LCD display.
  • Luxury Leather Hard Case with Magnetic Clasp - This hard case perfectly protects your rangefinder from external shocks and skid. It also has a magnetic clasp that provides easy access during your round.
  • USGA / R&A legal for handicap & tournament play