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Chris Ryan, Partnership -

We are delighted to announce our partnership with @chrisryangolf 🏌️‍♂️📸Chris is a #PGA professional coach who helps golfers improve their game through his online tutorials and tailored coaching plans. Here's what Chris has to say: "Really happy to announce my new partnership with GOLFBUDDY 🤝Knowing the exact yardage to hazards, obstacles or the flag is vital if you are to pull the right club and swing with confidence and commitment, the GOLFBUDDY products allow you to do that. @golfbuddy_uk @golfbuddygpsI’ve been using the products for a while and love them, quick, simple to use and accurate 👊🎯Looking forward to being able to bring you on course...

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LASER lite, Product, Rangefinder -

More than half of golfers use a rangefinder*1 when playing golf, making it a very useful tool to have on the golf course. The hard part is choosing the right one with so many available on the market. They all have similar functions, so how do you know which is the right one for you?   The GB LASER lite by GOLFBUDDY includes maximum features at a fraction of the price. This compact and sporty golf device is the best priced branded laser rangefinder on the market…retailing at only £129.99.   The GB LASER lite has slope compensation with on/off functionality (making it legal for tournament...

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LASER lite, Rangefinder -

Rangefinders allow golfers to get the precise distance to their target at the press of a button. This is one of the reasons why golfers favour them over GPS devices and why the market is very competitive. If your budget is low and you are in the market for a distance measuring device. Then keep reading our comprehensive guide to entry-level rangefinders.   Entry-level Rangefinder Table GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite – £129.99 The GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite is a brand-new rangefinder for 2020 looking to become the first affordable high-end rangefinder in the market. It offers all the normal features you would expect...

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Update -

The Global Positioning System time epoch is ending and another one is beginning, an event that could affect your devices or any equipment or legacy system that relies on GPS for time and location.

To provide more accurate distance information and prevent GPS from any further errors, GOLFBUDDY updated the firmware... 

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Event -

GOLFBUDDY UK has been on its travels again… this time at the ISPO Trade Show in Munich, Germany!

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