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Firmware Update - GPS Rollover

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Firmware Update - GPS Rollover

GPS week number, after its 19-year cycle, was reset on April 6, 2019. As a result, there have been some regions whose distance information has been miscalculated.

To provide more accurate distance information and prevent GPS from any further errors, GOLFBUDDY updated the firmware. The new firmware can be downloaded through GB Manager.

GB VOICE 2, Voice2, Voice2S, Voice, Voice+, VS4 users must update their product via GB Manager.



The Global Positioning System time epoch is ending and another one is beginning, an event that could affect your devices or any equipment or legacy system that relies on GPS for time and location.

Most clocks obtain their time from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). But the atomic clocks on satellites are set to GPS time. The timing signals you can get from GPS satellites are very accurate and globally available. And so they’re often used by systems as the primary source of time and frequency accuracy.

When Global Positioning System was first implemented, time and date function was defined by a 10-bit number. So unlike the Gregorian calendar, which uses year, month and date format, the GPS date is a “week number,” or WN. The WN is transmitted as a 10-bit field in navigation messages and rolls over or resets to zero every 1,024 weeks.

Since that time, the count has been incremented by one each week, and broadcast as part of the GPS message.

The GPS week started January 6, 1980 and it became zero for the first time midnight August 21, 1999.  At midnight April 6, the GPS WN is scheduled to reset, which could be problematic for legacy systems and impact time and the time tags in location data. Utilities and cellular networks also use GPs receivers for timing and controlling certain functions.

It should be noted that the WN restart date could be different in some devices, depending on when the firmware was created.