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How do I choose a Rangefinder for Golf?

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How do I choose a Rangefinder for Golf?

Joel Tadman, Golf Monthly’s laser rangefinder expert for over 12 years tested our new Laser2S over a few rounds of golf and ranks the new model as one of the best. Giving it four and a half stars out of five and a must buy as “the GOLFBUDDY range continues to impress”.

Paired with our latest model on multiple rounds last week he found a range of key features that really helped on the golf course. Starting with the newest feature ‘quick grab’, allowing the Laser2S to magnetically attach itself to the metal frame on your golf cart, it can even attach itself to the head of your golf clubs for quick and easy access, a handy feature when playing with friends.

The three different targeting modes (Standard, Scan and Pin) on the Laser2S excelled in a range of situations. Joel believes Scan mode is an important feature when assessing terrain ahead and noted he “found this useful on elevated tee shots when determining the carries over bunker lips and also when trying to find out the distance to various trees on the far side of a dogleg.”.

The pin mode is quick and accurate and provides a short distinctive vibration when locked onto the flag and not the area behind it, “It does this really quickly and easily - you won’t stand there for minutes trying to pick out the flag from a busy background”.

Additionally, slope functionality is “crucial for hilly courses” and displays the change in distance of a specific shot, which you can utilise when playing the same shot during club competition where slope functionality would not be allowed.

Get yourself ahead of the game.

Golf Monthly’s review summarised by claiming the new Laser2S “is an excellent option as a budget golf rangefinder” and “is one of the best golf laser rangefinders [on the market]”.

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