Golf Insider UK - The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite rangefinder proved over 99.5% accurate in our testing. – GOLFBUDDY UK
Golf Insider UK - The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite rangefinder proved over 99.5% accurate in our testing.

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Golf Insider UK - The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite rangefinder proved over 99.5% accurate in our testing. | December 17th, 2020 by Will Shaw

The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite rangefinder offers you all the function of a premium rangefinder at a fraction of the price – but is it worth it?

Here we’ll review the GOLFBUDDY LASER lite, discuss how it performs and test the rangefinder’s accuracy against one of the leading products on the market.



The most important feature of a rangefinder is accuracy. The concern, when spending less, is that you’ll end up with a less accurate rangefinder.

We tested the GOLFBUDDY LASER lite and an industry leader’s accuracy from 40 – 200 yards to see how the GB LASER lite stacks up.

All distances were measured to golf flags with pin finder modes on. Six distances, each distance repeated 3 times in a random order, slope function was taken off for both devices.

Key findings

  • GOLFBUDDY LASER lite: Over 99.5% accurate (RRP £129)
  • Industry Leader: Over 99.75% accurate (RRP +£250)

Below is a break down of the testing results. The graphic shows the average of the three measurements and percentage accuracy score for each distance.

GB LASER lite Accuracy

From our testing we can clearly say that the accuracy of the new GB LASER lite is superb, and almost as precise as a rangefinder twice the price.

Usability in practice and play

The GB LASER lite is simple to pick up and start using. It features three modes: standard, scan and pin finder mode. You can easily toggle between each at the press of a button. The pin finder mode also has a vibration feature that lets you know when you are locked onto the pin.

The GB LASER lite also comes with slope function which calculates the true distance when elevation is factored in. This feature works great and gives you additional insight into which club you should take, helping you perfect your distance control in play. The slope function can be toggled on/off, making it legal for tournament use.

When I play, I tend to switch between scan mode on the tee, and pin finder mode for any approach shots into the green.

After a few rounds of testing I’m happy to report the slope mode is faultless and the pin finder mode is super quick to give you the correct yardage. There is sometimes a slight delay between the yardage being displayed and the ‘vibrate / pin lock’ confirming that yardage, but this is nitpicking. The yardages were always correct even without this confirmation.

One small, but important, point for usability – the carry case is great. You can zip it up fully or use the elasticated clasp to speed up grabbing your rangefinder in play.

Playing & usability summary

Most like: All the function, accuracy and speed of use.

Least like: The heavy vibrate on pin finder mode.

Visuals & Optics

I really like the visuals on the GB LASER lite. The grip around the viewfinder can be twisted either direction to set your preferred level of magnification/focus (up to 6x magnification).

Using the GB LASER lite without the slope function gives you a clear, clean display. As expected, the visuals get a little more crowded with slope function on as the device displays the straight line distance and adjusted slope distance.


The GB LASER lite comes with three modes – standard, scan and pin. For most golfers you’ll flip between scan mode on the tee and pin finder mode as you approach the green.

The scan mode allows you to target distances to bunkers, tree and any other hazards. Allowing you to select a strategy to layup short or launch your drive over the obstacle in question.

As you move towards the green, switching to pin finder mode gives you the precise distance to the flag. The rangefinder vibrates when it locks on to your target.

Considering most greens are 30 – 40 yards long, I find a rangefinder’s ability to give me the precise yardage to the pin invaluable compared to a GPS device offering front, back and middle distances.

Build quality

The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite feels solid and well built, but it does lack some nice rubber grips and small ergonomic details compared to premium rangefinders. However, I can’t describe this as a fault when considering the saving you will make.

The GB LASER lite has a shower proof rating, rather than full waterproof design. Again, a minor sacrifice for the price.

The fabricated carry-case has a hard shell to protect your new device. With a zip, elasticated clasp and bag clip. I’ve given them all a good ‘testing’ and happy to report they are very solid.


There are a few rangefinders around this price point, but I haven’t found any that offer this level of function and accuracy. The GB LASER lite even comes with a 2 year warranty – top marks GOLFBUDDY.

Golf Insider UK verdict

The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite rangefinder proved over 99.5% accurate in our testing. It offers all of the tech and performance for less than its rivals. If you don’t mind sacrificing a little design and full waterproofing then the GB lite is well worth getting – great product, even better price.

Frequently asked questions

Can you change between yards and meters?

Yes, just hold the ‘mode’ button down for 3 seconds.

Can the slope function be turned on/off?

Yes, hold the ‘mode’ button down for 5 seconds.

What else does the rangefinder come with?

The rangefinder comes complete with a carry case with bag clip and strap, a cleaning cloth, user manual and pre-installed battery.

Key stats

Price (RRP) £129.99
Slope Yes
Meters/yards switch Yes
Zoom 6x
Distance (yards) 5 – 800
Pin seeker Yes
Weight (g) 143
Size (mm) 103 x 74 x 39
Water rating Shower proof
Additional Carry Case

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