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Golf Insider UK has ranked the GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite2 as the best budget golf rangefinder for 2024 in their latest buyers guide. This recognition by a top golf publication is a testament to GOLFBUDDY's innovative approach as the LASER Lite2 gives golfers ways to improve their game without breaking the bank. "We loved the first GolfBuddy Laser Lite because it was by far the most accurate and usable rangefinder in the cheaper price range. We’re delighted to report that the GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 is no different." – Golf Insider UK Key Features of the LASER Lite2 Precision Accuracy: The LASER Lite2 offers...

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GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite: Best Value Rangefinder in Golf Insider UK's Best Golf Rangefinders 2023 buyers guide Golf Insider UK ranked the GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite as the third best golf rangefinder. It also earned the title of the best value in their 2023 buyer's guide. This award shows that the LASER Lite gives golfers ways to improve their game without breaking the bank. "There are a mass of budget rangefinders on the market, but this one gives the most accurate yardages out of all of the models we've tested" – Golf Insider UK Unboxing the GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite The GOLFBUDDY LASER...

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Golf Insider UK, LASER lite, Rangefinder - | December 17th, 2020 by Will Shaw The GOLFBUDDY LASER lite rangefinder offers you all the function of a premium rangefinder at a fraction of the price – but is it worth it?Here we’ll review the GOLFBUDDY LASER lite, discuss how it performs and test the rangefinder’s accuracy against one of the leading products on the market. GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite Review GOLFBUDDY LASER Lite accuracy The most important feature of a rangefinder is accuracy. The concern, when spending less, is that you’ll end up with a less accurate rangefinder. We tested the GOLFBUDDY LASER lite and an industry leader’s...

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